Honorable Mention: Jimmyz Original Hibachi House

One of the fine offerings at Jimmyz

One of the fine offerings at Jimmyz

Jimmyz Original Hibachi House on Urbanspoon

We feel we would be remiss if we did not give a nod to Jimmyz Original Hibachi House.  We cannot in good faith give it a report card, as it is essentially a fast food version of a Japanese steak house.  One of the requirements to be “grubgradable” is that there is actually a service to score (i.e. a waiter or waitress).  Jimmyz’s just has a cashier and whatever wonderful wizard or witch they have stashed in the back blasting out really delicious food.  Katina and I (especially Katina) absolutely love a good Japanese steak house.  It is really amazing that we haven’t graded one yet (but look out Genji’s, we’re coming soon).  Jimmyz Original Hibachi House gave us all the good things we like about Japanese steak houses (like the food), just without the show.  We found the quality of our dishes to be on par with most of the Japanese steak houses we’ve visited in the past.  We were very pleasantly surprised at how good everything tasted.  If you are a fan of this genre of food, the hit Jimmyz’s if you visit Myrtle Beach.  You’ll get a ton of really good food for a really good price.  And, you won’t have to watch someone make a volcano out of an onion to get it.


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