Progress Report: Gatsby’s Pub & Grill

Gatsby's Pub and Grill

Gatsby’s Pub and Grill

Gatsby's Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

Our recent trip to Indianapolis, IN has given rise to a new category of post on Grubgraders:  the Progress Report.  What type of progress are we reporting, you ask?  None.  Quit being so literal.  The name Progress Report indicates a review that is not quite as in-depth as a Report Card — kind of like the progress reports your that your kids’ schools send home from time to time.  For our inaugural Progress Report, we chose Gatsby’s Pub & Grill.  If you’re wondering why, the reason is simple — it was the closest place to our hotel, and since we rolled into town kind of late and needed to blow off a little steam and snag a snack, we headed out.  Gatsby’s Pub & Grill was decked out in the same décor that almost every other sports bar is decked out with — lots of beer and sports signs on the wall, as well as a handful of large flat screens playing the sport du jour.  For our munchies, we had some Supreme Nachos followed by some garlic chicken wings.  The nachos were decent, but when a restaurant decides to put chili on their nachos, they get soggy if the chili is not thick.  That’s what we got at Gatsby’s — nachos that tasted pretty good but were a  tad soggy by the end.  As for the garlic chicken wings, again they were pretty good but not even in the same league as the ones we had at Ri Ra in Charlotte.  Neither dish was memorable, but they would do in a pinch.  As for drinks, Katina pounded down a Long Island Iced Tea, followed by a glass of Moscato.  I selected a couple of Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat ales.  The Long Island was good and strong (let’s face it, you know why you order Long Island Iced Teas, and it’s not because they taste like tea) and the Moscato was decent as well.  As for the beers, Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat is one of my favorite beers, so I was happy.  I really enjoyed the slight citrusy notes with the beer.

Outlook:  Gatsby’s Pub & Grill was a decent spot, however it would not be my first choice of places in which to grab a bite.  I would however highly recommend it as a gathering spot to hook up with friends over cocktails or watch a Colts game (IF I watched the Colts, which I don’t).  So we recommend Gatsby’s, but not highly.


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