Progress Report: Granite City Food & Brewery

Granite City Food & Brewery in Carmel, IN

Granite City Food & Brewery in Carmel, IN

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Before our rainy 2 hour drive back to Columbus, we decided to fuel up on coffee and brunch.  Katina selected Granite City Food and Brewery.  We arrived at around 11:00 am on a Sunday and I was really interested to see if beer was being served for brunch.  It wasn’t…but there were quite a lot of people (most of them Colts fans judging by the jerseys) who were quite alright with the post-church mimosa.  We do not judge at Grubgraders.

We will announce now that we intend to re-visit Granite City and partake in a full blown dinner solely based on the awesome brunch experience.  We are usually not fans of the buffet-type dining experience (see the Chima review) but we must admit that Granite City pulls it off tremendously.  First off, the place was pretty packed for a brunch service, but it didn’t prevent our server, MJ, from providing exceptional service.  He cleared our plates and brought us coffee without delay, and he even hooked us up with some complimentary “to go” coffees when we were on our way out.

As for the food…wow.  While we believe a buffet will never be as good as a traditional dinner/brunch, the buffet brunch at Granite City was real close.  We tried the waffles (good) and the French toast (also good).  The fruit was fresh, and the eggs, especially the srirachi eggs, were tremendous.  The srirachi eggs had a kick, and the cheese was so well blended into the eggs that you wouldn’t believe there was cheese in them if you couldn’t taste it.  We were quite simply amazed.  If you’re hungry and in the area, you’d be a fool not to try Granite City for brunch — you’ll be stuffed and completely satisfied.


One thought on “Progress Report: Granite City Food & Brewery

  1. It was my pleasure serving you. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit. Our brunch is amazing! Our beer is servered at all times and is delicious. Sample all you like until you find your brew! MJ

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