Progress Report: Carfagna’s Italian Kitchen

Carfagna's on Polaris Parkway

Carfagna’s on Polaris Parkway

Carfagna's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

The inside of Carfagna’s on Polaris looks like it had recently had some work done.  There is a slightly more upscale feel to the inside compared to how it looked before the work.  The outside, however, is still plagued by being inserted smack in between two other businesses in a strip mall type setting.  Because of this, if you frequent the Polaris area, you might have driven by the place scores of times and never even noticed there was a restaurant there.  Yeah, they got a big sign, but I can personally attest that most Columbus drivers can’t read signs (especially road signs).

If you’ve missed it, you have to stop by.  While the food is excellent, the cafeteria style service prevents you from putting Carfagna’s on your list of places to visit for a date or a family get together.  It’s a shame, because you’d miss out on some yummy eats.  The chicken marsala is very tasty, and it received Katina’s stamp of approval.  That means the sauce was tasty and the chicken was of the appropriate thickness and well prepared.  Plus, the chicken marsala at Carfagna’s comes with your choice of pasta, which is something a lot of restaurants do not offer with their marsala.  I always order the Meat Heaven spaghetti.  All you vegetarians are going to want to avoid this dish, and if you have a slight cholesterol problem before eating this dish, you might need a stent put in by the end of the meal.  Loaded with meatballs, meat sauce, and large pieces of Italian sausage, your going to get a mouth full of meat with each forkful.  Oh, they’ve got some pretty good pizza as well.  For most families, Carfagna’s will have something that appeals to everyone.

While not bargain basement with respect to price, the quality of food and the big portions will hopefully make you feel like we do — that Carfagna’s offers a good value.  If you are a fan of Italian food, or you just want to change it up a little and skip The Olive Garden this month, you would be doing yourself a favor by stopping by Carfagna’s for lunch or dinner.


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