Progress Report: Smashburger

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Back when we first got married, Katina and I loved nothing better than grabbing a good hamburger.  In fact, if you follow this blog, you can see that we are still quite fond of our beef patties.  Way back then, when cell phones weren’t as thin as a credit card and people still wore beepers, one of our favorite haunts was a little joint called Fuddruckers.  We had one that was almost close enough to the house that we could walk to it.  But alas, it closed down, and left an empty hole in our lives that we’ve been desperately trying to fill.  We loved the condiment bar, which allowed an amazing degree of customization.  It really made Fudds a special place.

Since then, we’ve tried about every burger joint that’s popped up in Columbus.  And I’m talking about those middle tiered places that are a notch above McDonald’s and Wendy’s, but not a full scale fine dining experience.  We’ve been to Five Guys, which is good but doesn’t really do a whole lot for us.  Even better is Graffiti Burger, which is as close to Fuddruckers in quality and variety as we’ve found.  So when we heard there was a new burger joint in Westerville called Smashburger, we had to go.  Expectations were high, so we recently satisfied our curiosity by snagging lunch there.

Katina went with the BBQ, Bacon, & Cheddar and I opted for the Spicy Baja burger.  While both burgers were serviceable, we are sorry to say we are still looking for that alternative to Fuddruckers.  The high point of the lunch was the smash fries, and when the most memorable part of the experience is a slightly churched up French fry, that means the burgers were lacking in the “Wow” factor.  Our burgers were nice and large, but very mediocre.  Smashburger might be a nice alternative to the traditional fast food burger options if you’re getting burned out on the Big Macs, but for us, we’ll drive the extra 10 miles to the nearest Graffiti Burger the next time we want a “gourmet” burger without jumping through all the traditional dining hoops.  We will keep trying, and hopefully we find that place that really knocks our socks off.  You might think Smashburger is the cat’s pajamas, and if so, drop us a line and tell us why.  Otherwise, you might as well just hit the drive thru and save a couple of bucks.


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