Honorable Mention: North End Pizza

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Our first vacation review is a quick glance at a pizza joint called North End Pizza. Known for their “New York” style pizza, North End Pizza is right on the oceanfront. Inside and out, nothing about the look of North End Pizza is probably going to get most vacationers too excited. A fairly plain exterior and an interior that looks like it was lifted straight from a nearby Dairy Queen, if you hit up North End Pizza, you had better be going for the food rather than the atmosphere.

North End Pizza gets the “Honorable Mention” treatment because like most average pizza places, there’s really no service to speak of. We entered, placed our order with the cashier, and took out receipts and empty cups over to the fountain drink dispenser and then our somewhat sticky and greasy booth. After about 15 minutes, our number was called and after an acknowledging nod from myself, an employee did bring the pizza to our table along with a wad of napkins.

As for the pizza itself, it wasn’t too bad. The thin crust wasn’t too crisp or too chewy, and was just firm enough to not fall apart when you picked up a slice. A word of warning to any health nuts out there: you’re probably going to need your arteries Roto-Rootered if you eat more than a few slices of this pizza. If you’re in the camp (and I think this is primarily a college student mentality) that the greasier the pizza the tastier the pizza, then North End Pizza should be the end point of your quest for the perfect pizza. However, if you’re more like us and would rather not have to bury your pizza in grated parmesan cheese to soak up the excess grease (which forms a rather tasty but extremely unhealthy yellow-orange paste) then you may want to skip North End Pizza. Bottom line is that the pizza wasn’t too bad, but we’ve certainly had better (and worse). The price was reasonable, which may also be a factor since the majority of those who will visit North End Pizza will be on vacation and probably on a budget. If you’re in the neighborhood, we recommend you at least give North End Pizza a try. You can order by the slice if you don’t want to commit to a whole pie, and legend says they have some pretty choice salads, which is the direction you should definitely go if you post-first-heart attack.


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