Honorable Mention: Pierce’s Pitt BBQ

Pierce's Pitt -- in the middle of nowhere

Pierce’s Pitt — in the middle of nowhere

Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

I was absolutely certain that both my wife (who seems to have a Magellan-like sense of direction) and my navigation unit had completely lost it on the way to Pierce’s Pitt. We got off the exit from I64 West and drove through this tiny little speck of civilization that’s usually present off of most highway exits (you know…the standard gas station or two along with at least a McDonald’s). Then we proceeded to leave this little hamlet of society and drive into the wilderness. At any moment, I was expecting someone in a jacked up pick-up truck to force me off the road. The last things I would hear would be Dueling Banjos playing from the truck’s open windows and some hayseed with less teeth than fingers telling me I had “a real pretty mouth.”

Thankfully, in the midst of the acres and acres of woods, we came upon Pierce’s Pitt. Couldn’t miss the building if you tried because 1) It was huge and 2) It’s the only building around. Despite the remote location, there were a ton of people dining at Pierce’s Pitt. It was inexplicable.

Pierce’s gets the “Honorable Mention” treatment because it was essentially fast food (although in our case, not so fast at all), and thus we had no server to speak of. And despite quite a few bbq-themed selections on the menu, Katina and I both decided to order the catfish (we were planning on having barbecue when we got back to Ohio, so there you have it). We ordered, took our number and our empty drink cups, and then found one of the few vacant booths to kick back in.

Then we waited…and waited…and waited. We were number 41, and I am pretty sure they were almost out of the 60s when they called our number. I was hoping for an experience that would blow my socks off, but it was not to be. There was a pretty good amount of catfish with each dinner, along with a heaping mound of French fries. The catfish was good, but by no means the best I’ve had. Katina’s Granny can make some mean catfish in a pot in the back yard that would make Pierce’s catfish seem like canned tuna. The breading was a touch overcooked, but the filets themselves were tasty, if not a little overly crunchy. As for the fries…very good. But when the best part of the meal is the French fries or the hush puppies, then that speaks volume about the rest of the food. To be fair to Pierce’s, however, we did not get anything barbecued, and since that is obviously their specialty, maybe the saucy stuff is better. We have to recommend Pierce’s if you’re in the area, primarily because we’re not sure there’s any other choice. When you go, though, opt for some barbecue and let us know if it was as good as you hoped it would be. And one final note – the barbecue we had once we got back to Columbus was the bomb!


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